Our Culture

As a member of the North Shore Healthcare family, our center’s dedicated healthcare professionals strive to deliver quality care to those who have chosen us. Minot Health & Rehab’s goal is to create an environment that affords our residents the opportunity to be a partner in the care they receive, to develop trusting relationships with our caregivers, and to reach their highest level of independence. We are passionate about making our center The Right Choice for you or your loved one.

We opened our doors in November 2015 as a premier provider of long-term nursing care and short-term rehabilitation in Minot, North Dakota. We are in the historic Downtown area of Minot on South Main Street and have a beautiful view of the city of Minot. We take pride in welcoming guests to our facility and consider each resident, family member, and visitor to our facility a guest in their home that we work in.

We serve a variety of clients including those who need short-term care following a hospital stay, surgery, or accident. We also provide long-term care for those who are no longer able to live independently at home. In a recent customer satisfaction survey, we are proud to share, 100% of our residents indicated their overall experience as good to excellent and would choose Minot Health & Rehab again if the need arose. We have been recognized by Lutheran Social Services Senior Companions for our outstanding service and partnership with their organization.

Leadership Team

Director of Rehabilitation–Kim Jastremski

“I have been in the skilled nursing industry since 2013. I enjoy watching the patients’ health status improve. I also enjoy being a member of the interdisciplinary team of people dedicated to providing the best care available.”

Admissions–Carolyn Schweitzer

“I love working with the residents and helping them build and sustain a high quality of life. There is so much opportunity to help others and I’m so glad I get to be on a team that really puts the residents and their families first.”

Business Office Manager–Mary Beth Kraft

“The people that I encounter every day makes this the best job. I really enjoy meeting new people like the residents and their families and being able to share with family the connections I have made with financial resources.”


“I passed out at home and had to go to the hospital. They told me I had to go to a rehab facility because I wasn’t strong enough to take care of myself alone. I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t know anything about rehab facilities. The hospital said I had to come here I wasn’t given a choice. They made a good decision because my stay here was wonderful. I told the staff the most important thing to me was exercising and taking good care of me and they made sure both were done. The staff was nice and showed that they really cared. I met some good people who I am glad to call my friends now. We got to sit and eat meals together. I wouldn’t mind coming back and staying a while if I have to go somewhere again.”


“I chose to come to Minot Health and Rehab after my hospital stay because I needed to get stronger. My wife read reviews and then took a tour of the facility. We decided that the therapy was much better than other places we were thinking about. I was brought in by ambulance because I was too weak to sit up for a ride in a car. It was everything we expected plus more. The people were so friendly the moment I arrived. They made my wife feel comfortable to be around all the time and made me feel right at home. My favorite thing was the alternate menu for meals. I am a very picky eater and they were aware of that and offered me something else every time I didn’t like what was being served. Every nurse I had was amazing and treated me like family. I would recommend anybody needing therapy to come here. I can sit up in a wheelchair and leave this facility in a car instead of an ambulance. Thanks, Minot Health & Rehab!”


“When I left the hospital, I was convinced I would never walk again. But Minot Health and Rehab have been great. It is nothing like I expected. It does not feel like the hospital where everyone is sick. After about four days, I began to realize going home was possible. The therapists encouraged me with my goals and weren’t going to let me fail. All of the staff are exceptional, going above and beyond for the patients. Minot Health and Rehab have been a great place for me. I’m looking forward to returning home now that I can do everything for myself again.”


“I would recommend Minot Health and Rehab to everyone. The staff has taken such good care of me. From the time I was greeted at the door, I feel I was treated like royalty. Everyone from housekeeping to nursing and therapy has been kind to me. I am grateful for the wonderful care and rehabilitation I have received so that I can go home and spend time with my puppy.”


“If you are in need of therapy after a hospital stay, go to Minot Health and Rehab. It was the best care I’ve had in my life. I have a lot of respect for the people who work there. They treated me well and just couldn’t have been any nicer. When I got there, I could hardly move and couldn’t even roll over in bed by myself. Now I’m home and doing great. They have the best therapy around.”