ErnaErna came to Minot Health and Rehab after spending two weeks in the hospital for a serious illness.

“When I left the hospital, I was convinced I would never walk again. But Minot Health and Rehab has been great. It is nothing like I expected. It does not feel like the hospital where everyone is sick. After about four days, I began to realize going home was possible. The therapists encouraged me with my goals and weren’t going to let me fail. All of the staff are exceptional, going above and beyond for the patients. Minot Health and Rehab has been a great place for me. I’m looking forward to returning home now that I can do everything for myself again.”


MonaMona originally went to the hospital to repair her arm that was fractured in a fall. During her hospital stay she suffered a heart attack and was flown out of town for a complex heart surgery. When she first came to Minot Health and Rehab she could hardly walk.

“I would recommend Minot Health and Rehab to everyone. The staff have taken such good care of me. From the time I was greeted at the door, I feel I was treated like royalty. Everyone from housekeeping to nursing and therapy have been kind to me. I am grateful for the wonderful care and rehabilitation I have received so that I can go home and spend time with my puppy.”

Darold“If you are in need of therapy after a hospital stay, go to Minot Health and Rehab. It was the best care I’ve had in my life. I have a lot of respect for the people who work there. They treated me well and just couldn’t have been any nicer. When I got there, I could hardly move and couldn’t even roll over in bed by myself. Now I’m home and doing great. They have the best therapy around.”
– Darold





Hank was admitted to Minot Health and Rehab with multiple lung and heart issues. When admitted to this facility, he required extensive assist of 2 people for transfers. After working with physical and occupational therapies and with medical monitoring, Hank was able to return to his home. “When I first arrived, I couldn’t even raise my hand. Now I’m able to use my walker by myself and spend time out in my yard. I couldn’t have asked for better care. They pushed me to work hard and to improve. You can’t find any better treatment and follow-up than at Minot Health and Rehab.”
– Henry A.


DaleDale had lost consciousness and lay amongst broken glass in his apartment for about 24 hours before being discovered by the police doing a wellness check. Dale’s friend became concerned after several unanswered phone calls and had alerted them. It took another two days in the hospital before Dale was aware of his own situation. He spent 8 days in the hospital before arriving at Minot Health and Rehab.

“I would highly recommend Minot Health and Rehab because of their staff. They treated me very well and were so helpful. I would call them my angels. They made every effort to get me back on my feet and back home. I am doing better now than I have in the past several years. I can walk all over without feeling weak. And, I got some helpful nutrition information that I’m going to use at home. I feel like I have my life back.”

– Dale R.


BettyBetty came to Minot Health and Rehab after spending 2 ½ months in the hospital and a long-term acute care hospital for a major abdominal surgical procedure and wound care.

“As much as I wanted to go home, I knew I couldn’t do it. When I first got here I couldn’t get out of bed by myself or even dress myself and could only walk short distances. I have made improvements by leaps and bounds here. I love going to therapy because they are a fun bunch. They push you, but also work with you. Now I feel very confident that I can manage at home now and go back to work soon. I have practiced doing the things I need to do to care of myself so I know I can do it at home, and I even did a work evaluation with occupational therapy so I am prepared to go back to work.

I’d recommend Minot Health and Rehab. It’s a great place to go if you need therapy to get home and get back to a normal life.”

– Betty H.


“My mother has been so blessed to receive the constant compassionate care by the stellar staff at Minot Health and Rehab. From nursing, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance and the kitchen, all of you have been so kind with service always delivered with a smile. My heartfelt thanks to each of you.”
– A Grateful Daughter