Ashley Tanner, Executive Director
Ashley M. Tanner
Executive Director
Teri Hurly, Medical Director
Teri Hurly, MD
Medical Director
Jill Satcho, Director of Nursing
Jill Satcho
Director of Nursing
Deb Haman, Assistant Director of Nursing
Deb Haman, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing
Mandy Bellew, Director of Rehabilitation
Mandy Bellew
Director of Rehabilitation
Amber Rucker, 2nd Floor Unit Manager
Amber Rucker
2nd Floor Unit Manager
Mary Beth Kraft, Business Office Manager
Mary Beth Kraft
Business Office Manager
Amy Davis, Staffing Coordinator and Human Resources
Amy Davis
Staffing Coordinator and Human Resources
Lori Thompson, Payroll and Human Resources
Lori Thompson
Payroll and Human Resources
Verla Geinert, MDS Coordinator
Verla Geinert
MDS Coordinator
Trista VanWinkle, Social Services
Trista VanWinkle
Social Services
Corinna Des Rouches, Dietary Supervisor
Corinna Des Roches
Dietary Supervisor
Crystal Washington, Activities Director
Crystal Washington
Activities Director
Randy Fahringer, Maintenance Director
Randy Fahringer
Maintenance Director
Sue Oster, Housekeeping/Laundry
Sue Oster